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  1. With the source code leaking nothing really matters I guess I’ll spill some info on the new season. The season’s is not exactly arcade themed like everyone thinks but more so virtual world themed. The beans are basically stuck inside of a video game simulator. The season is called Simulator Slam, that’s why they chose to release Creative Mode this season as it goes along perfect with the simulator theme. Some characters to lookout for are Pac-Man (part of the pass irc) & the Ghost Gang, Badtz Maru, Hello Kitty, Shadow, Metal Sonic, some Tamagotchi characters we have Mametchi, Kuchipatchi & Memetchi, Shantae (part of the pass), Risky Boots, Ken & Chun-Li, plus some others ones I heard about like another Disney collab. The 8 new stages are so dope. Anyhow news should drop in about less than 2 weeks. How’s that for you Epic? Hahaha.

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