20 December 2022 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Grinch Gear (Until Dec 27)

Great Big Grinch Fall Guys Bundle The Grinch Fall Guys Costume Kit Skin Santy Claus Grinch Fall Guys Costume Kit Skin Slithered and Slunk Fall Guys Emote Stripped Bare Pattern in Fall GUys

Seaworthy Style (Until Dec 24)

Deck Swabbers Bundle in Fall Guys Scruffy Sailors Bundle in Fall Guys Take A Seat Emote in Fall Guys

Jawsome Deals (Until Dec 22)

Shark-Tooth Trio Bundle in Fall Guys Shark Bait Bundle in Fall Guys Binocular Faceplate in Fall Guys Shark Bait Victory Emote in Fall Guys

Cosy Couture (Until Dec 27)

slope rider costume kit free bundle fall guys seasonal sweaters bundle fall guys woolly jumpers bundle fall guys knitted pattern fall guys

Santa’s Workshop (Until Dec 27)

north pole pack bundle fall guys reindeer costume fall guys santa falls costume fall guys snowman costume fall guys presents pattern fall guys

Under the Tree (Until Dec 27)

festive fashion pack bundle fall guys jolly tree costume fall guys gingerbean man costume set fall guys festive elf costume fall guys gignerbread pattern fall guys

Item Shop (Until 22 December)

Summer Squad Wig Costume Upper in Fall Guys Black Belt Costume Lower in Fall Guys Roll With It Pattern in Fall Guys Binocular Colour in Fall Guys

Season Bundles

Season 3 Sunken Secrets Fall Guys Season Pass Battle pass Otter Delight Pack Fall Guys Bundle Neigh Neigh Fall Guys Starter Pack Crater King Fall Guys Bundle Wildfire pack Fall Guys Bundle

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