20 September 2022 – Fall Guys Shop

Featured Items

Complete Costume Kits (Until September 24th)

Exoplanet Explorer Kit Bundle in Fall Guys Mars Rover Kit Costume in Fall Guys Envirosuit pattern in Fall Guys Infrared colour in Fall Guys Infrared faceplate in Fall Guys

Card Core (Until September 23nd)

Ace Trick Trio Fall Guys Kits Bundle Snap Happy Fall Guys Emote

Guardian Gear (Until September 21st)

ghost gadget bundle fall guys titan costume fall guys ghost shell costume upper fall guys spicy ramen celebration fall guys lightbearer bundle fall guys hunter costume fall guys warlock costume fall guys

Special Offers (Until September 22nd)

sombrero snackfest kit fall guys salsa sombrero costume fall guys violet faceplate fall guys hotrod flames pattern fall guys volcano colour fall guys

Fruity Fashion (Until September 20th)

STRAWBERRY SELECTION FALL GUYS BUNDLE puzzle pattern fall guys 80s party uncommon pattern fall guys

Wild and Woolly (Until September 20th)

BUTTON BOBBLER DUO FALL GUYS BUNDLE hoodie pattern fall guys

Item Shop (New Rotation September 22nd)

Sunny Side UpCostume Upper Fall Guys Hipamatic Camera Costume Lower Fall Guys Patched Up Pattern Fall Guys Cartridge Cruiser Fall Guys Nameplate MOONWALKER nickname fall guys nickcname


Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass

Currently the daily items are different per account. Check Fall Guys costume uppers here

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