24 October 2022 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Science Lab Experiments (Until 31 October)

Pusheen Picks (Until 24 October)

Too cutt!!! (Until 24 October)

pusheen bundle fall guys special pusheen costume special fall guys super pusheenicorn costume special fall guys purrrfection emote fall guys

Great Value-halla! (Until 27 October)

eivor's big bundle special kit fall guys odin the all-father special costume fall guys eivor the wolf-kissed special costume fall guys

Complete Costume Kits (Until 23 October)

spacetime specialist kit bundle fall guys wormhole wanderer costume fall guys beep boop emote fall guys algae colour fall guys algae faceplate fall guys

Item Shop (Until 26 October)

Lemonade Costume Upper Skin in Fall Guys Tiger Paws Costume Lower Skin in Fall Guys Going Up Pattern in Fall Guys Cosmic Dream Faceplate in Fall Guys

Season (Until 21 November)

Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass


  1. I know this comment is super old and you probably won’t see this, but Pusheen and the gang are coming back on February 16th-21st.

  2. One week. We took a break for one week and we missed the Pusheen that our son has constantly been on us about getting since we missed it the first time..

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