24 September 2022 – Fall Guys Shop

Featured Items

Future Sounds (Until September 26th)

miku's bludnerland bundle fall guys blunderland miku fall guys costume blunderland emote miku fall guys

Special Offers (Until September 28th)

Tron & Sark Fall Guys Bundle Tron Fall Guys Skin Sark Tron Fall Guys Skin Rinzler & Quorra Tron Fall Guys Bundle Rinzler Tron Fall Guys Skin Quorra Tron Fall Guys Skin

Veteran Competitors (Until September 27th)

blunderdome big shots bundle fall guys starry night colour fall guys

More Offers (Until September 27th)

capamari collection kit fall guys hypnosis pattern fall guys

Astro Animals (Until September 25th)

Wild Star Squadron Fall Guys Bundle Zero-Gee Chimpanzees Fall Guys Bundle Pigeon Pilots Fall Guys Bundle

Complete Costume Kits (Until September 24th)

Exoplanet Explorer Kit Bundle in Fall Guys Mars Rover Kit Costume in Fall Guys Envirosuit pattern in Fall Guys Infrared colour in Fall Guys Infrared faceplate in Fall Guys

Item Shop (New Rotation September 29th)

STARS ABOVE HEADBAND COSTUME UPPER IN FALL GUYS Boots of Mercury Costume Lower in Fall Guys Strawberry Dream pattern in Fall Guys Bitter Lemon Colour in Fall Guys


Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass

Currently the daily items are different per account. Check Fall Guys costume uppers here

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