30 September 2022 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Sci-Fi Screamfest (Until 3 October)

Ripley's Roundup Fall Guys Alien Bundle Ellen Ripley Fall Guys Alien Skin Facehugger Fall Guys Alien Skin

Special Offers (Until 4 October)

Furry Friends Duo Bundle in Fall GUys Red Panda Costume Kit Skin in Fall Guys caring koala epic costume fall guys making waves emote uncommon

Complete Costume Kits (Until 2 October)

STARPUNK RENEGADES KIT FALL GUYS BUNDLE STARPUNK RENEGADES DUO FALL GUYS BUNDLE Jetpack Dreams Emote in Fall Guys Brass Pistol Colour in Fall Guys Brass Plated Faceplate in Fall Guys

Special Offers (Until 1 October)

the melonhead mariners bundle fall guys avocado faceplate fall guys pale melon rare colour fall guys skelly rare pattern fall guys

Cottontail Costumes (Until September 30th)

Hopbot Trio Fall Guys Bundle The Watchers Fall Guys Bundle Point the Finger Fall Guys Emote

Item Shop (New Rotation 5 October)

Inky Squid Wig Costumer Upper in Fall Guys Pupper Slippers Costumer Lower in Fall Guys Block Out Pattern in fall Guys Bitter Lemon Faceplate in Fall Guys


Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass

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