4 January 2023 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Fine Felines (Until January 9)

deco nekos kit fall guys su-purr tailor bundle in fall guys making waves emote uncommon

Wild and Woolly (Until January 7)

BUTTON BOBBLER DUO FALL GUYS BUNDLE hoodie pattern fall guys

Safe and Sand (Until January 5)

Sandcastle Stash Bundle in Fall Guys Beach Building Duo Bundle in Fall Guys Sandy Blues Colour in Fall Guys Sandy Blues Faceplate in Fall Guys

Complete Costume Kits (Until January 8)

sweet n sparkly kit fall guys Twinklycorn Costume Kit in Fall Guys Marshmallow Faceplate in Fall Guys Lovely Pattern in Fall Guys Candy Twist Colour in Fall Guys

Item Shop (Until January 5)

Cheque Mate Scarf Costume Upper in Fall Guys Dinoclaws Costume Lower in Fall Guys Unripe Banana faceplate in Fall Guys Hidden Pearl Nameplate in Fall Guys Playing for Fun nickname in FAll Guys

Season Bundles

Season 3 Sunken Secrets Fall Guys Season Pass Battle pass Otter Delight Pack Fall Guys Bundle Free Range Fall Guys Pack Bundle in Fall Guys Stunning Sealife Pack Bundle in Fall Guys Neigh Neigh Fall Guys Starter Pack Crater King Fall Guys Bundle Wildfire pack Fall Guys Bundle

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