9 June 2023 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Devolver Delights (Until 13 June)

pedro and friends bundle fall guys jacket special costume fall guys messenger special costume fall guys my friend pedro special costume fall guys

Devolver Delights (Until 13 June)

Gato Bullet Bundle in Fall Guys Bulletkin Costume Kit in Fall Guys gato roboto special costume fall guys

Mad Mechs (Until 11 June)

Wasteland Warriors Bundle in Fall Guys Pine Fresh Costume Kit Skin in Fall Guys Blinkers Costume Kit Skin in Fall Guys Pretty Tyred Costume Kit Skin in Fall Guys

Mischief Makers (Until 10 June)

little imps kit fall guys rare piranha rare colour fall guys clouds rare pattern fall guys

Fame Pass

Fame Pass 1 Battle Pass in Fall GUys AVIAN ANGLER PACK IN FALL GUYS

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