How to Claim the Amazing Falldazzler Bundle with Prime Gaming

New Prime Gaming loot is available to be claimed for Fall Guys. While last month featured the Don Bundle, this time around, the Amazing Falldazzler Bundle will be available.

The Amazing Falldazzler contains:

  • The Amazing Falldazzler Costume
  • 6500 Kudos
the amazing falldazzler prime gaming fall guys epic costume

Here’s how you can claim the bundle. Check out the steps below:

  1. Open up Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on your platform of choice.

  2. Navigate to the Settings menu and select Profile.

  3. Select the Link Amazon Account option.

    You’ll be given a unique code to link your Prime account with Fall Guys.

  4. Follow the instructions to access the Amazon website and enter the code.

    Once the code has been accepted, your accounts are linked and you can claim the bundle.


  1. I want really much the bulletkin skin l. I hane been saving for a long time now and i want to know if anyone can tell me if it is coming back to the shop

  2. i love fall guys so much and i am so happy that they are colabing with amazon prime because it make such a positive impact on the game and players.personally i think that fall guys is a underrated game that people overlook it has such a impactful role in my life.

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