Doomicorn, Doom Slayer and more are available in the Fall Guys Store!

Knee-deep in beans

Grab your BFGs (Best Fall Guys) and suit up for action. The fearsomely fabulous Doomicorn is galloping into the Fall Guys Store!


Become the light in the darkness with the bright and beautiful Doomicorn Costume, plus a sparkly new Nameplate and Nickname! Because battling evil doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look spectacular too.

You’ll also have a shot at grabbing the UAC’s finest: the Doom Slayer Costume is coming back to the Blunderdome, along with the adorably evil Cyberdemon and Cacodemon!

So get ready to lock & load – all items will be available in the Fall Guys Store from 10AM GMT on January 19th to 10AM GMT on January 24th!

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