Fall Guys: Exclusive Knuckles Costume is Coming November 12

Greetings, bean fans. We’re delighted to reveal that Knuckles is speeding into Fall Guys…no Lock-On Technology required!

Join your fellow beans in celebrating the Sonic 30th anniversary as the iconic head-strong echidna swaps Angel Island for the Blunderdome, with an exclusive costume in-store November 12-14.

Grab the exclusive Knuckles costume – November 12-14

If you want to grab this limited-time Knuckles look, you gotta go fast! (Sorry, we had to). Replete with signature sneakers, spiked gloves and aerodynamic scarlet hair-do, you’ll have everything you need for a bean makeover worthy of the Master Emerald guardian themself.

  • Knuckles costume (Upper) – 11,000 Kudos
  • Knuckles costume (Lower) – 11,000 Kudos

See you in the Blunderdome, Knuckles! And who knows, maybe there’ll be more Sonic shenanigans in 2022…


  1. Honestly, i think it will, just like they did with the doom slayer skin and the master chief. I expect them to do the same with knuckles

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