Fall Guys: Patch Notes 5.FUN

Fall Guys has announced an update for today, referring it to the 5.FUN update. The update is similar to the previous mid-season updates, but since it is not the middle of the Season yet, the name has been referred to as 5.FUN.



  • New Round! Introducing ‘Sum Fruit‘ – a new logic Round! Hop in to play the new level:
    • Count the fruit
    • Avoid the rising slime
    • When the screens show the quantity of a type of fruit, stand on the tile matching that fruit to survive!
  • Round variations – We’ve added variations to lots of existing rounds, including plenty into our Season 1 Rounds (see next)

Variations Include:

  • Fall Mountain – Anti-gravity zones and flippers added
  • Gate Crash and Door Dash – Numerous conveyor belts and obstacles added
  • Slime Climb – Expanding balloons added to ending sequence
  • Bubble Trouble – Look out for KING FROGUS!
  • Treetop Tumble – Get super floaty with an anti-gravity variant
  • Door Dash – New ending variant with water and expanding balloons
  • + Loads more!


  • [Hoarders] Fall Guys will no longer be knocked down by the balls
  • [Lost Temple] Improvements to issues grabbing crown
  • [Royal Fumble] Fixed exploit with invisible wall
  • [Costumes] Improvements to clipping around waist on various costumes
  • [Menus] Newsfeed no longer pops-up with already-viewed messages
  • [Menus] Fixed blank Show Selector if a new show is added while player is in-game
  • [Lost Temple] Fixed Fall Guy clipping through checkerboard floor
  • [Lily Leapers] Fixed some instances of players falling through the platforms
  • [Rhino Rampage] Various improvements to rhino behaviour
  • [Settings – Audio] Reset button added to Audio Options
  • [Fall Guy] Improved Fall Guy’s recovery time to a standing position after diving on a conveyor belt
  • [Squads] Nameplates will now display in correct order on victory screen
  • [Rounds] Various improvements to textures on PS4
  • [In-Game UI] Fixed 3-second black screen after exiting during the loading screen of an in-progress game

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