Fall Guys: Season 4.5 Patch Notes

With the mid-season update (Season 4.5) coming tomorrow, check out what’s new in the patch notes below:



  • The Slimescraper (A sequel to Slimb Climb)
  • Button Bashers (Players are split into 1v1 duelling pairs. Best beans go through)


  • 55 Additional Variations across 12 rounds!
  • Custom Lobbies are now open to EVERYONE with as few as 4 beans! PC and PS4 players can play together!
  • PC and PS4 players can now matchmake together in all game modes! Cross-platform parties are not possible (yet!)
  • Improved latency when grabbing objects or mantling
  • In-game visual indicator of your connection quality!
  • New player reporting feature if you spot potential cheaters! (Don’t worry – We’ll never ban anyone for grabbing or using in-game mechanics in a normal fashion)


  • Numerous improvements to de-sync, physics, and related issues (We’ll keep improving these)
  • Snow will now display on Season 3 rounds for PC Players! (Ready for Christmas 2022 lol)
  • Fixed Fall Guys having too much power while carrying things
  • Fixed incorrectly eliminating the winning squad in Royal Fumble
  • Fixed eliminated squads incorrectly qualifying for the next round
  • After tying a round, squads will not be randomly eliminated, but instead will all qualify into the next round
  • Fixed the ‘Top X Qualify’ number mismatching the Qualified Squads in the qualification screen
  • Fixed solo victory animation displaying when winning a Squads Show for some players
  • Fixed the Featured Store only showing Coming Soon for players who witness the store refresh

Wall Guys

  • Improvement to mantling while experiencing high ping

Door Dash

  • Players can no longer yeet themselves out of the round to skip ahead

Power Trip

  • Fixed batteries flying out of hands when players bump into each other
  • Fixed Fall Guy being unable to climb a ramp whilst carrying a battery


  • We fixed some localisation issues across emotes, colours, costumes and within the UI


  • Various visual fixes to costumes
  • Fixed SFX on some winning animations

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