Fall Guys: Spartan Showdown Announcement

The Fall Guys blog has announced that Spartan Showdown is coming to Fall Guys! Read on for more info:

There are events. And then there are EVENTS.

We at Bean HQ are absolutely buzzing to announce that we have a certain Spartan themed – wink wink – event coming to Fall Guys… Yes, that’s right, the hero of video gaming heroes – MASTER CHIEF – will be spartan sprinting his way to the Blunderdome very soon!

Our all new game mode, Spartan Showdown, comes absolutely packed full of new challenges and Bean-117 themed costumes that’ll raise your wardrobe level to elite. There’s more fun than you could shake an energy sword at!


We’re going all out with the store items on this collaboration. You like da Brutes? We got a costume for you. You like da Spartan-117? We got a nickname for you. Think Grunts are the best creation in the history of video games? We got a costume and an emote for you. It’s time to hit the ring and indulge in one of video gaming’s most iconic universes.

TL;DR we’re giving you the Keyes to the castle. It’s like a Spartan fan’s dream come true!


We have an onslaught of challenges and goodies to be won and earned throughout the Spartan Showdown event.

We’ve also got the purrfect Helmet accessory that has… er, ears… because reasons.

Here’s just a handful (and luckily you don’t need to save the universe from the Flood to get your Bean mitts on them)

  • Spartan at Heart (Nickname) – 100 points
  • 200 Kudos – 200 points
  • SPARTAN (Nameplate) – 500 points
  • AI Construct (Pattern) – 700 points
  • Purrfect Helmet – Upper (Costume) – 1000 points


The Spartan Showdown event is bringing big blast ball energy. You know Blast Balls – you pick them up, throw them at others, they expand until they burst and create untold hilarity.

Every level in the Spartan Showdown has its own 117-nspired variation. And every level will have its own Helmet to collect that counts toward your event challenges! Running for 5 days only, you’ve gotta get some games in soon to unlock these goodies!

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