From Ghostbusters to Treat Thieves, get your spook on!

Our beans do love a theme and this month brings Falloween to the Blunderdome. Immerse yourself in the spooktacular vibes with an adorably eerie Event, and an array of bean-chilling Costumes—whether you go full Ghostbusters or for a more homemade look, we’re sure you’ll be frightfully fabulous.


Jump into Treat Thieves this Falloween! With all of your favourite game mechanics from the Sweet Thieves Round, but with some eye-catching mementos.

Ready to get your spook on? You’ll be able to unlock the following spooktacular rewards:

  • Treat Thief Nickname – 200 Points
  • 200 Kudos – 300 Points
  • Haunted Nameplate – 500 Points
  • Pumpkin Patches Pattern – 500 Points
  • Jack-o’-Loafers – 1000 Points


The spirit huntin’ team are waltzing their way into Fall Guys, alongside our spooky Falloween event! Get some of our best costumes, now available in the store. It’s proton-packed with goodies, like Gozer, Slimer, the classic Ghostbuster jumpsuit AND the iconic Zuul mask.

PLUS the puffy pièce de resistance: Mini-Puft Invasion… A Fall Guy COVERED head to toe in tiny Mini Pufts!

What a way to get in the spooky spirit, well before Fallo-season gives us all the fright of our lives. We’ve even built NEW TECH for this costume drop – with the Gozer get-up glowing in the dark in-game!


Picking a costume for Falloween is an important decision, so we want to make sure you have plenty to choose from. Keep your eyes peeled (or at least open) for these snazzy options in the store:

  • Scatterbrained Bundle: As if you needed another reason to grab your opponents…
  • Sticky Situation: Grab this gloopy group before they get hosed down!
  • Wicked Witch Costume: Toil and trouble is on the way to a Round near you!
  • Toadstool Cap Wearable: Camouflage into the sinister scenery with this cap.
  • Spider Webs Pattern: Webs aren’t just for decorating the front hedge, don them!

Whether you’re donning the famous Ghostbuster jumpsuit or feeling witchy, we can’t wait to see you bustin’ in the Blunderdome!

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