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The Jungle Book Collection (Until August 10th)

the jungle book bundle fall guys mowgli costume fall guys shere khan costume fall guys baloouie bundle fall guys baloo costume fall guys king louie costume special fall guys jungle dance emote fall guys

More Offers (Until August 10th)

ninja costume fall guys royal party pack uncommon costume upper fall guys burning circuits colour fall guys ninja faceplate fall guys

Fighting Fit Check (Until August 8th)

terry-fic bundle mai shiranui costume special fall guys terry bogard costume special fall guys

More Offers (Until August 8th)

sparkly wings uncommon costume upper fall guys robin rare costume fall guys choc-berry swirl epic costume fall guys face circle pattern uncommon fall guys

Item Shop (New Rotation August 11th)

training beandana costume upper fall guys tuxedo purrrse costume lower common fall guys papaya crush colour fall guys octopus suckers pattern common fall guys spray can nameplate fall guys bbq master nickname fall guys

Currently the daily items are different per account. Check Fall Guys costume uppers here