10 December 2022 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Skellington Stuff (Until Dec 15)

Jack & Sally Bundle in Fall Guys Jack Skellington Skin Costume Kit in Fall Guys Sally Skin Costume Kit in Fall Guys The Pumpkin King Pattern in Fall Guys Mayor & Santa Jack Bundle in Fall Guys The Mayor Skin Costume Kit in Fall Guys Santa jack Skin Costume Kit in Fall Guys Zero's Surprise Celebration in Fall Guys

Gear Up (Until Dec 14)

COG Squad Showdown bundle fall guys marcus fenix costume fall guys skin kait diaz costume fall guys skin general raam costume fall guys skin

Astro Animals (Until Dec 12)

Wild Star Squadron Fall Guys Bundle Zero-Gee Chimpanzees Fall Guys Bundle Pigeon Pilots Fall Guys Bundle

Item Shop (Until 15 December)

mercury's sandals costume lower fall guys

Season Bundles

Season 3 Sunken Secrets Fall Guys Season Pass Battle pass Otter Delight Pack Fall Guys Bundle Neigh Neigh Fall Guys Starter Pack Crater King Fall Guys Bundle Wildfire pack Fall Guys Bundle

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