11 August 2023 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Master Bean-117 Collection (Until 15 August)

spartan bundle fall guys grunt panic! emote special fall guys master chief special costume fall guys brute chieftain special costume fall guys grunt special costume fall guys

Running The Show (Until 15 August)


Explore the Unknown (Until 13 August)

Exoplanet Explorer Kit Bundle in Fall Guys Mars Rover Kit Costume in Fall Guys Envirosuit pattern in Fall Guys Infrared colour in Fall Guys Infrared faceplate in Fall Guys

For Science! (Until 13 August)

spacetime specialist kit bundle fall guys wormhole wanderer costume fall guys beep boop emote fall guys algae colour fall guys algae faceplate fall guys

Blunderful Competition (Until 12 August)

homegrown champ rare costume fall guys bouldering bean rare costume fall guys race round ref rare costume fall guys flagbearer rare celebration fall guys

Fame Pass

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