11 November 2022 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Supercharged Offers (Until 15 November)

dynamic duo bundle fall guys super sonic costume fall guys sonic you're too slow emote fall guys sonic the hedgehog costume fall guys sonic knuckles costume fall guys sonic eggman vs tails bundle fall guys dr. eggman costume fall guys sonic tails costume fall guys sonic

High Flyers (Until 14 November)

golden hatchling uncommon costume fall guys birdie bundle fall guys chicken rare costume fall guys mallard rare costume fall guys pigeon rare costume fall guys

Dumbbell Deals (Until 13th November)

strong guys bundle fall guys kit minty fresh faceplate rare fall guys maroon master colour fall guys

Jurassic Classics (Until 12 November)

roarsome bundle fall guys raptor rare costume fall guys topsy rare costume fall guys

Item Shop (Until 17 November)

Pupper Pouch Costume Lower in Fall Guys Bouncy Bean Pattern in Fall Guys Universe Simulator Nameplate in Fall Guys space bean nickname in fall guys

Season (Until 22 November)

Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass Fall Guys Season 2 Season Pass Battle Pass

Special Offers and Bundles (Until 22 November)

Doc Glover Pack Fall Guys Bundle Crow Pack Fall Guys Bundle Pegwin Party Pack Fall Guys Bundle

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