14 August 2022 – Fall Guys Shop

Featured Items

Jurassic Classics (Until August 17th)

roarsome bundle fall guys topsy rare costume fall guys raptor rare costume fall guys

More Offers (Until August 17th)

close encounter epic costume fall guys jazzercise rare costume fall guys pale melon rare colour fall guys

Supercharged Offers (Until August 15th)

dynamic duo bundle fall guys super sonic costume fall guys sonic sonic the hedgehog costume fall guys sonic knuckles costume fall guys sonic you're too slow emote fall guys eggman vs tails bundle fall guys tails costume fall guys sonic dr. eggman costume fall guys sonic

Item Shop (New Rotation August 18th)

purrfect cat ears costume upper fall guys casual walkers costume lower fall guys dunk time pattern fall guys Old OS faceplate fall guys Old OS colour fall guys fleet admiral nickname fall guys unidentified falling object nickname

Currently the daily items are different per account. Check Fall Guys costume uppers here

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