19 April 2024 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Master Bean-117 Collection (Until 22 April)

spartan bundle fall guys grunt panic! emote special fall guys master chief special costume fall guys brute chieftain special costume fall guys grunt special costume fall guys

Costume Curios (Until 24 April)

Scout Costume Kit Skin in Fall Guys Refresh to impress bundle in Fall Guys

Dinos In Space (Until 23 April)

Fabulous Collections (Until 22 April)

Knight Pattern in Fall Guys

Astro Animals (Until 21 April)

Amber Wasp Costume Set Skin in Fall Guys

The Jungle Book Collection (Until 20 April)

the jungle book bundle fall guys mowgli costume fall guys shere khan costume fall guys baloouie bundle fall guys baloo costume fall guys king louie costume special fall guys jungle dance emote fall guys

Fabulous Collections (Until 22 April)

Fame Pass


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