2 March 2024 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Costume Curios (Until 7 March)

Scout Costume Kit Skin in Fall Guys

In the Groove (Until 9 March)

Toejam & Earl Bundle in Fall Guys

Game Griddy (Until 7 March)

Tron & Sark Fall Guys Bundle Tron Fall Guys Skin Sark Tron Fall Guys Skin Rinzler & Quorra Tron Fall Guys Bundle Rinzler Tron Fall Guys Skin Quorra Tron Fall Guys Skin

Super Style Selection (Until 5 March)

Lemon Lookout Costume Set Skin in Fall Guys Rainbow Fairy Costume Set Skin in Fall Guys Jaunty Walrus Costume Set Skin in Fall Guys Professional Faller Costume Set Skin in Fall Guys

Bring the Boom (Until 5 March)

Bomberman Skin in Fall Guys

Fabulous Collection (Until 3 March)

wolf of the night kit fall guys capamari collection kit fall guys

Treasure Troves (Until 5 March)

Fame Pass


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