5 August 2023 – Fall Guys Store

Featured Items

Ringside Royalty (Until 10 August)

Macho & Majestic Bundle in Fall Guys WWE The Masked Bean WWE Skin in Fall Guys Macho Man WWE Skin in Fall Guys Bianca Belair WWE Skin in Fall Guys Magical Mayhem Bundle WWW Skins in Fall Guys Mankind WWE Skin in Fall Guys Rey Mysterio WWE Skin in Fall Guys wwe royal bundle undertaker special costume fall guys asuka special costume fall guys xavier woods special costume fall guys

Sci-Fi Screamfest (Until 8 August)

Ripley's Roundup Fall Guys Alien Bundle Ellen Ripley Fall Guys Alien Skin Facehugger Fall Guys Alien Skin

Spicy Sombrero (Until 8 August)

sombrero snackfest kit fall guys salsa sombrero costume fall guys violet faceplate fall guys hotrod flames pattern fall guys volcano colour fall guys

High Flyers (Until 6 August)

golden hatchling uncommon costume fall guys birdie bundle fall guys chicken rare costume fall guys mallard rare costume fall guys pigeon rare costume fall guys

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