Fall Guys: Summerslam in Store July 28th to August 1st

If you’ve ever wanted to body slam in the Blunderdome, now is your chance. We’re goin’ against a triple threat of Champions—all successfully Beanified for Fall Guys.

In one corner we have ASUKA

In the other corner we have XAVIER WOODS

In the other corner (this metaphor is not going well) we have UNDERTAKER.

They’re all available on the Fall Guys store from July 28th to August 1st. Can you take the heavyweight title and claim all three Championship titles?


As well as these iconic costumes, we’ve a handful of other goodies available – Nameplates, Celebrations and more. Check them all out in the Fall Guys Store!

  • Asuka Costume
  • Xavier Woods Costume
  • Undertaker Costume
  • The Bell Tolls Celebration
  • Francesca’s Refrain Emote

Can you fight to get them all, or will you tap out?

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