Fall Guys: Umo Costume Waddles in!

Greetings, bean fans! Another week, another community legend immortalised in the Blunderdome. After a year of bringing the bean life to real life, we’re returning the favour by sending this waddling, pink fabric-wrapped icon, to the digital realm.

That’s right. For your joy and entertainment, UMO is coming to Fall Guys, November 9! Woo!

Grab the UMO costume – November 9-11

Picture the scene. You stumble out of bed, yawning as you walk. You casually glance at the mirror…and you realize you are dressed like an actual Fall Guy.

This is the absurd reality that the wonderful UMO has chosen for themselves, entertaining the Fall Guys community with all sorts of cosplay shenanigans that blur the line between the Blunderdome and reality. And we couldn’t be happier.

From a Fall Guy taking on cookery, to bedroom dancing, to bean-based bath time (seriously), UMO has tumbled and stumbled for our viewing pleasure. We love them for it. We put them in the actual game.

  • UMO costume (upper) – 5 Crowns
  • UMO costume (lower) – 5 Crowns

Grab those Crowns and don your Umo costume with pride! We’ll see you in the Blunderdome.

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