Warriors of Light are bringing glamour to Fall Guys!

This Fame Pass is all about the Chocobos…

MMOMG! We’re so excited about our next Fame Pass collaboration that we’re showing off the Costumes now! Here’s a peek at eight Warriors of Light Costumes arriving in Fame Pass from 10AM GMT 22nd August to 10AM GMT 3rd October.

The whole Pass will be detailed in a later blog, but for now, let’s begin the Fashion Report…

Fancy twins Alphinaud and Alisaie’s Costumes have beautifully cut coats, and iconic, colourful bows that fashionistas will love. Quite a contrast to the dark, pointy armour of the Dragoon Costume.

There’s nothing fishy about the Namazu Costume, despite being a catfish. Chocobo fans (basically everyone) will love being enveloped in the Fat Chocobo and Fat Black Chocobo Costumes, and there’s a wild looking Goobbue Costume that’s topped off with a mossy dome for Beastkin Beans.

Finally, the White Mage Costume is an arcane aesthetic: classic white and red robe with primo hair.

We’ll have a second blog and some fun social posts detailing all the other Eorzea-inspired additions coming to Fall Guys when the Fame Pass goes live on 22nd August!

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